A different challenge….

Running workshops is cool. You get to meet some really great folks, and every now and again, a kindred spirit. Paul Abravaya is one such  person – a fantastic photographer and a guy who has spent much of his life as a zoologist/biologist in Central and South America. He has only really been shooting for about 5 years, though his images would suggest he is a lifer….You can see some of his work (actually a very limited sample) at his website here. Paul worked with some legends in the field – Augusto Ruschi and Crawford Greenewalt to name a couple. Listening to some of his stories makes me green with envy.

Anyway, we were out shooting together a week or so back at one of Paul’s favorite haunts, and he showed me a really interesting situation where a few hummingbirds arrive near a small fountain. They hover near the apex of the water flow, and dive in, both head first and feet first to drink and bathe. It is absolutely fascinating to watch. We have spent a few days developing techniques of how we might capture some high speed flash images of the birds, and while we have achieved some nice images, we haven’t yet achieved outstanding images. (Well, Paul has but he wants to do even better – he is a real photographer). When we get some, I will post them on the blog, and I am sure he will post them on his website. Meantime, I shot some high speed video of one of the birds, so you can see what I am talking about. You will see some flashes going off during the footage too – guess who?!!


About Roy Dunn

Electronic Engineer, High Tech Marketing Consultant, Nature Photographer, Musician, Tinkerer, Nerd and the luckiest guy alive.
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2 Responses to A different challenge….

  1. ticopuppy says:

    That video is just amazing!!!!

  2. Bob Peltzman says:

    Very nice, Roy. I see you continuing to look for new challenges. Great stuff!

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