Remote Photography Workshop on November 8th for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group

TOPCC Photo Group Workshop

“Photography using remote triggering devices is fun and simple!”

Ever wondered……

1)      How natural history photographers capture those eye-level close up images of nocturnal mammals in the forest at night?

2)      How those cool images of popping balloons, champagne corks, water splashes are made?

3)      What is needed to get some of those ‘bird flying into or from its nesting cavity in a tree trunk’ shots?

4)      Just what do you have to do to capture an image of an insect flying?

5)      Who is standing on the top of the backboard when you see some of those stunning basketball shots from above the ring?

6)      Do you actually have to wait for hours at an animal’s burrow to grab a shot of it as it emerges?

7)      Just what is coming through that small hole in the fence at night?

8)      How a hang glider pilot gets to take images of himself and the ground below while flying?

9)      If it is possible to get truly candid shots at parties and social gatherings?

If so, then this workshop is for you. There are many, many remote triggering systems for cameras and flashes out there that cover all of the applications mentioned above, and many more.  This workshop will describe and demonstrate their use, and just how easy it is to set up to capture some phenomenal shots. Many photographers think that high speed photography and remote trigger photography are one and the same thing. While it is true that high speed photography often employs some form of remote triggering system, it is not always the case. My Hummingbird Photography Workshops are an excellent case in point where there is no remote triggering at all.  Similarly, remotely triggered cameras do not dictate the use of high speed flash, or even any flash. Adding remote triggering to your arsenal of photographic techniques can let you develop a whole new realm of differentiated photography.

And it ain’t expensive!!!!

I will be demonstrating some very cool technologies that are available for well under $50 that will give you a completely new degree of freedom with your shooting.  Of course, me being me, I will also take it to the other extreme and demonstrate some state-of-the-art gear and techniques.

This session should be at least as much fun as my previous high speed flash session, and open up new opportunities for you to explore. Bring a camera and lens – you will get the opportunity to partake of some fun stuff! I will also provide a handout (or web page) that will list a ton of references – images, techniques, gear, so you won’t have to take any notes.

Seasoned veteran, professional or total beginner – I simply don’t care. I promise you will learn things, and have some fun in the process. As I say during my Hummingbird Workshops – I am here to teach you, not to test you, so don’t feel you need any level of photographic skill to attend this session. If you know which way to point a camera to take a shot, you’re in. If you want to discuss optimum modulation frequencies of narrow IR beam transceivers for retroreflective applications, I can offer you something too.

You need to be a member of the TO Photo Group – to attend this workshop – for everyone else – sorry!!

More information will become available through the website above, and Photo Group emails.

I love this stuff…



About Roy Dunn

Electronic Engineer, High Tech Marketing Consultant, Nature Photographer, Musician, Tinkerer, Nerd and the luckiest guy alive.
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One Response to Remote Photography Workshop on November 8th for the Thousand Oaks Photo Group

  1. Connie Wade says:

    Sounds like fun! If it’s anything like the past workshops you’ve presented to us it will be fantastic.

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